Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its a pitty...

To be inspired and then create nothing from the inspiration.
Tonight my friend Tabitha inspired me a great deal.
Im going to write a poem about the color blue. I cant tell you why really, because it is all too confusing, but I am simply posting this message until my poem is complete. And also to remind myself to write it. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

I hate the spaghetti Factory

I don't. I don't really have any feelings towards the place what so ever. But Patty however, she thinks its a horrible excuse for pasta.
Patty loves to cook. I love to eat her food.
She also loves to drink.
I have seen Patty drunk before. More appropriately put, 'when have I seen Patty not drunk?".
Honestly, 2pm, 7pm, 2am... doesnt matter - the lady is on a liquid diet.

I came home sick from work on Monday. I puked at the bank, while setting up a buisness account for my new school. Ha. Stomach bug, or nerves? I think a little bit of both.

Anyways, so Im waking up from my nap around 5ish, and Patty rings the door bell. About 12 times, she rings the door bell.
Good night lady!

I open up the door, she busts through yelling 'will you do my hair!?"

"Yeah, sure. Of course. Wait, what do you want me to do with your hair; are you going somewhere? Ah, Patty, when was the last time you showerd?"

"I dont know how to do my hair. I new you could. Damn, your so gorgeous. You dont even know it, look at your hair, its always beautiful."

"Thank you Patty. Where are you going?"

"Its Dustins Birthday, and Beth called me up and said I was invited to the Spaghetti Factory with them tonight. I hate that place. I dont. I cant even. What do I do with my hair?"

I hand her baby powder to soak up the grease thats been there for who knows how long!

After much stumbling around, and scattered talking I get her to sit down on the couch where I put two little braids in the front of her hair.

Then she talked me into going with her.

As Im over at her place, helping her get dressed, zipping up her pants, viewing her DISCUSTINGLY long and ancient looking toenails, and trying to calm her down the phone rings.

"Its for you" She yells from the bedroom.

I pick up the phone, its Beth; Dustins Mother in-Law. Beth is our next door neighbors. Shes Patties best friend. They have lived across the st from each other their whole life.

"Can I ask you a personal questions" Says Beth. "How fucked up is she?"
(i hate that word, im just quoting here people)

"Pretty bad" I said

"Ok she cant come. I was so worried about her yesterday. She lost it. Was bawling all day, and drank so much, it was ridiculous. My daughter, and son in-law cant handle her tonight. Im meeting Dustins parents for the first time. There SUPER religious. Patty cant come"

So I lied to Patty and told her they had gotten the reservation off, and didnt have enough room.

She knew it wasnt the truth.
I have seen Patty drunk before.
But never belligerently drunk. It was scary.
She was screaming. And crying. I found out she had an abortion when she was 14.
She broke plates. Not out of anger, but out of complete incoherency.
She almost broke her back.

I helped her up, and told her we were gonna stay in, and I would make us dinner.
I prepared shirmp scampi. But it came from a package so she wouldnt eat it.
Are you kidding me? It was an amazing organic pasta from trader joes. She lectured me on eating healthy.

I dumped out the rest of her vodka when she wasnt looking.
The lady is a mess.
She is broken.

She lost her sister to cancer 4 months ago.
She lost Brian, her partner 2 months ago. He died suddenly from a heart condition.
Her brother took her mom to Ohio with him 1 month ago.

She has no one.
She has Beth and her family.
Her 2 collage aged bar tenders that come smoke pot with her. Whom she has tried to hook me up with.
She has her three cats. Nutty Brown (whom has a crush on my kitty Thor), ruff and tuff.
Erick, this redneck (her words) she met at the bar the other day.

That's about it.

And me I suppose.

Lord, help me show her You.
Were not enough.
She needs you, possibly more than ever.
She is depressed, and dosn't know how to cope with these losses.

Shes hilarious. I love Patty. Such a fresh, yet offensive air! :)
She has so much to offer this world with her sense of humor, common sense and love and compassion for people.

But right now, shes not good for anyone. Not even herself.

Take care of her God.
Help me be an extension of you to also take care of her.
Help Beth.
Beth knows you. I pray you will truly help Beth.

That was an awfully night.
Now I hate the spaghetti factory. :)
Mostly, I hate that she is hurting.