Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Where Will My Sweet Lips Go

A year ago or more now Samantha May ( and I created a challenge for ourselves. To take a phrase, and both create a poem.

You see, Sam says things that will enrich your soul. So after saying one night in a simple text "No where will my sweet lips go" I asked her to write a poem with that as the foundation, for this stunning phrase deserved more thought and energy than a mere text. She said I should instead. I wanted her to. We argued. It was finally decided for us both to write a poem which included the line.

I think we should do this again quite soon. It was a wonderful challenge.

She so lovingly reminded me of this a few weeks ago. Here's can be found on her site, and my version is here below.

Sam, you enrich my soul and I love you deeply.


This tender secret should not remain

for affection is worthless;

if not shared

Yet my sweet lips,

however tantalized they may be

refuse to dare.

The air wrapped about you

has silenced me

like no other.

I fear the worst.

Not paralyzed lips, no;

for I may loose you all together

This friendship is too dear

to risk with lips.

So I take up my pen to tell you this;

My lips speak your praise

and whisper your name

when all ears are turned away.

The sound of your voice

sends them awry

and causes a great deal of delay.

I cannot use lips

in the telling of my heart.

so I promise you this;

Because your power has

affected me so;

no where will my sweet lips go.

~Desiraé Marks

Monday, May 24, 2010

It makes my heart sing....

I've recently received some of these messages from parents at my school; The Treehouse Nursery. I can't even express how hearing these words gives me a joy, and a reason for going to work everyday!

.....One of his stuffed friends is named "Desirae," which makes Paul and I giggle every time he says it. All his other stuffed friends have names like "pig" and "lion."

dude...florence loves you. she always asks me what you're
doing and where you live. i have to make up little stories about

Monday, May 3, 2010

beautiful life, beautiful trusting God

Here are some photos from the last couple weeks at Blossom House - where I have spent the last 9 months of my life first co-teacher, then Lead-teacher, then Manager.

Here are some photos of the first week of school at The Treehouse Nursery; a preschool I opened (branching off of BH) this last Tuesday the 27th. I'm now the business owner, and Director of an amazingly beautiful preschool! I just saw these photos, and I got so giddy and proud! (Carissa is one of our teachers, and shes a beautiful photographer!)

My life has completely changed in the last coupe months... and more specifically in the last week.
It's all be completely orchestrated by God, its ridiculous!

I keep wanting to write a blog about this, but ive been, well starting a business instead of writing. ;) Which is beneficial for the business, but a little hard on myself! I'm very excited for this crazy beginning stage to mellow out a bit, and have some more time to create again!
God is good though, and he has been sustaining me beautifully through this!

He gave me this school, and I promise to take care of it (the parents, staff and children) to the best of my ability. And when I fail, I trust that he will step in. He is the sustainer. He is the peace maker.