Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Where Will My Sweet Lips Go

A year ago or more now Samantha May ( and I created a challenge for ourselves. To take a phrase, and both create a poem.

You see, Sam says things that will enrich your soul. So after saying one night in a simple text "No where will my sweet lips go" I asked her to write a poem with that as the foundation, for this stunning phrase deserved more thought and energy than a mere text. She said I should instead. I wanted her to. We argued. It was finally decided for us both to write a poem which included the line.

I think we should do this again quite soon. It was a wonderful challenge.

She so lovingly reminded me of this a few weeks ago. Here's can be found on her site, and my version is here below.

Sam, you enrich my soul and I love you deeply.


This tender secret should not remain

for affection is worthless;

if not shared

Yet my sweet lips,

however tantalized they may be

refuse to dare.

The air wrapped about you

has silenced me

like no other.

I fear the worst.

Not paralyzed lips, no;

for I may loose you all together

This friendship is too dear

to risk with lips.

So I take up my pen to tell you this;

My lips speak your praise

and whisper your name

when all ears are turned away.

The sound of your voice

sends them awry

and causes a great deal of delay.

I cannot use lips

in the telling of my heart.

so I promise you this;

Because your power has

affected me so;

no where will my sweet lips go.

~Desiraé Marks

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