Saturday, February 5, 2011

Refelct, Create, Beauty

I have decided to start blogging again. This decision has been made because I'm giving myself a goal to be alone a little bit more. I don't have to be in a room by myself necessarily, but I want to be present to myself and give myself a space to reflect, create and focus on beauty.
I have an awfully busy life. I don't mind really. I LOVE people. The moments I have actually been cognitive (not sleeping or doped up on cough medicine) and alone this week however has been really refreshing. I need to be alone more. Just 15 min here and there really. Not much. Perhaps I shall start getting ready for bed earlier so I have some time before I drift of into my funny dream land.

Blogging will hold me more accountable than journaling.

I do want to start giving myself time to be.
I had that in France. That's when I started to blog.
When I started The Treehouse I stopped blogging. Life got to busy.
Tonight I have decided to start once again.

Time to reflect, create and focus on beauty.

So, for blog one of this new year: I will share with you the newest addition to my furniture collection. It's currently sitting in my garage, waiting to be christened once I move into another house. Even though its in my garage out of site, it is not out of mind. It invades my thoughts constantly.
I can now start a record collection. The one I knew I should have started years ago.

It's a antique 'dresser' with built in speakers, a radio and a record player! If you look at the first photo you can see the lace on the bottom panel... behind it are speakers, with some wonderful volume!
Once you slide the top cover to the right you see a spot for a record collection. Slide the top to the left and in it you will find a FM AM radio, and a turn table.
Mr. Tom just has to learn how to install the needle and were hopping she works just as beautifully as the radio does!

Get this.... and she was only $45 at Village Merchants; one of my favorite consignment shops on my street!

Isn't she beautiful!?




Mmm any name suggestions?


scritz said...

Linda & I have a wonderful story about Tom/turntables & needles. Let me know if you wish to hear more. Actually, Tom may be able to tell the story.

Desiraé Rochelle said...

Oh please, do tell!

scritz said...

Once upon a time there was this little boy named Thomas who liked to climb on anything & everything. Does this sound familiar so far? So, when Thomas was around the 1 year old mark (he was walking at the age of 9 mos) it was most challenging to keep track of the tot especially when he was silent. Went thru the house in SD looking for him & lo & behold, he was on his hands & knees rotating back & forth on the phonograph turntable just having a great time! I really regret not having the thought to take pics. By the way, after replacing the needle, it still works just fine. It's the one at Graeagle. Steve

thomas charles said...

Thanks, dad. Next time you see us, you'll have to tell it again because your face and hand motions are priceless!

Desiraé Rochelle said...

:) Oh my goodness thank you for that! I don't doubt one word of that story.

Good thing he's too big now to fit on this turn table.
Looking forward to seeing you guys!