Friday, May 16, 2008

The begginings...

Its raining here, which is quite odd! It rained a bit yesturday as well while I was walking around town, but its been windy and rainy all day today! I was planning on going into town - getting some water colors, and heading to the gorgeous park to paint, and write. But the rain has changed my plans.
Instead I have been organizing things here at the apartment, and have been reading ALL morning long (Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers) . My glorious jet lag woke me up at 5am... so Ive had quite a bit of time on my hands! This is wierd for me.
Im use to consantly working, and staying busy.
It's really refreashing.
Julie (Julie and Darren are the head pastors/missonaries of iccp) told me yesturday that I need to take advantage of the space I have now, and relax without feeling guily! Soon Ministry will pick up, and I will be more busy.
I have a feeling that it will still be a slower pace than what I am used to though.
Shops dont open till 9am... same with peoples front doors. They take nice, leisurely lunch's, and arn't moved as much by the high pace society I am use to... being a full time college student along with all my other responsibilities.

Yesturday (my first day in Aix) I met up with Kerri (another missonary) and she took me through town. I was in a juxtapose of everything feeling so familiar from last year, and everything being so new and foreign! Aix is breathtaking! One of the main streets is lined with tall lush trees that automatically take your gaze straight up toward the heavens. It's the city of fountains. There are fountians everywhere around town. That with the cobble stone, narrow paths it makes Aix such a perfect quaint little city! I am going to have such a unique summer!

I will be meeting with Megan (the missonary im interning under) in the next few days, and will talk about my responsibilities this summer. So far I know that we have staff meetings on tues, youth on wed and church on sun. Along with doing the youth adventure camp, and the kids camp in a month.

Ill find out more soon!
I can feel God preparing me. He seems to have His hands very securely around me right now - I can feel Him. He has been sitting with me all morning - relaxing my spirit; preparing me for what is to come.
I have never enjoyed being alone so much before. I thought I would be restless. But I am cherishing it. Yet I know that 2 months of this might rub me a bit. :)

My goal is to embrace the seasons I will be going through in the next couple months. Embrace them as Christ would.


megan said...

So glad you are settling in, and Darrin and Julie are right-things will pick up very quickly! I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

baby girl, i'm so glad you made a blog so i can keep up with your amazing adventures. aahh, i miss you more than you know and have been thinking of & praying for you! i really hope you get to paint and write lots while there... and please take lots and lot of photos. aahh, i wish i could hop on a plane and go there. we could get coffee at some cute cafe and paint together in the park. <3 be safe, my love. i am so thrilled you're there and doing well! i love you so much, precious treasure. xoxo.


ashley said...

my lovely..remember how ur back hurts cause youre stressed here? Looks like youre gunna be feeling great there. I continue to pray with you, so excited for one request, will you press a beautiful flower and bring it home for me? love you.

Anonymous said...

watercolors in fits you perfectly. I'm excited for all your adventures and exploring and relaxing. I've been thinking and praying for you. Don't have too much fun without us :)