Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Rhythm

Tranquility to bustle
Once secluded and at peace;
Allowed to breath in silence
Now a constant roar is among me

Town was at the distance of a long peaceful walk
Crowded, twisted streets now are my only ways of escape
Unless the chaos is rejected;
By means of dingy white shutters

I close them and I close out the world
I now direct my own again

They’re my only means of escaping the raucous

But wait… the stairs take me higher
Past the once used store mannequins
Beyond the French chest and book self
Higher still I go
With the height comes light

I pause

And look through the inglorious stain glass door
It leads nowhere

One more flight, higher yet I go
Through the small wooden door there - there is my escape
Four stories high and the roar is now but a whisper
An afterthought

The wind takes over here
He moves me to a fresh tune
A faster song he sings; he directs his own
And allows me to breath in a new rhythm


Dar said...

Wow! Is this your own, or someone else writting?? It is wonderful!

Desiraé Rochelle said...

It's definitely mine. :) Thank you.

megan said...

I love this!!!! you have such a way with words. xoxo