Monday, May 3, 2010

beautiful life, beautiful trusting God

Here are some photos from the last couple weeks at Blossom House - where I have spent the last 9 months of my life first co-teacher, then Lead-teacher, then Manager.

Here are some photos of the first week of school at The Treehouse Nursery; a preschool I opened (branching off of BH) this last Tuesday the 27th. I'm now the business owner, and Director of an amazingly beautiful preschool! I just saw these photos, and I got so giddy and proud! (Carissa is one of our teachers, and shes a beautiful photographer!)

My life has completely changed in the last coupe months... and more specifically in the last week.
It's all be completely orchestrated by God, its ridiculous!

I keep wanting to write a blog about this, but ive been, well starting a business instead of writing. ;) Which is beneficial for the business, but a little hard on myself! I'm very excited for this crazy beginning stage to mellow out a bit, and have some more time to create again!
God is good though, and he has been sustaining me beautifully through this!

He gave me this school, and I promise to take care of it (the parents, staff and children) to the best of my ability. And when I fail, I trust that he will step in. He is the sustainer. He is the peace maker.


kelly ann said...

i am so in love with these pictures! i'm sooooo happy you shared them, i've been waiting to see!! the house is totally perfect... and i'm pretty sure these kids are the cutest! mmmmm, lovelovelove. :)

Emil said...

love you :)